Tuesday, May 10, 2011

busy busy busy

I've been so very very very busy. It makes it so hard to keep up with things that I need to do, never mind things that I WANT to do! But as most of you know this past saturday was national scrapbook day, and of course I spent the whole day at scrapbook.com and scrapbooked to my hearts content.
I was so thankful to be one of the winners of the prize packs! So I am SUPER excited and will post pics of all the super amazing goodies.

On a photography note, I did get around to catching a few shots today. Felt so good to be pressing the shutter because I haven't had much time recently to do so.

Its so interesting to see other peoples personal photography preferences. Of course we're all different and have different opinions and different likes, but its so interesting how a photograph can be technically correct, correct creative exposure, visually pleasing composition following the rule of thirds, skillfully post edited but I'll look at it and hate it, and the next person will absolutely love it. Sometimes the thing that makes a photograph good or not is each persons own opinion of it, and thats something I absolutely love about photography. My least favorite photo from the set above happened to be my husbands favorite. When I was showing him what I edited this evening, I skipped over my least favorite one pretty quickly, and he said wait wait wait go back to that one I love that one. And I was like, whaaaaaat??? And then when showing him my favorite he had no comment. Soooooo which one do you like best according to your own personal likes and dislikes? :)

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