Tuesday, May 10, 2011

busy busy busy

I've been so very very very busy. It makes it so hard to keep up with things that I need to do, never mind things that I WANT to do! But as most of you know this past saturday was national scrapbook day, and of course I spent the whole day at scrapbook.com and scrapbooked to my hearts content.
I was so thankful to be one of the winners of the prize packs! So I am SUPER excited and will post pics of all the super amazing goodies.

On a photography note, I did get around to catching a few shots today. Felt so good to be pressing the shutter because I haven't had much time recently to do so.

Its so interesting to see other peoples personal photography preferences. Of course we're all different and have different opinions and different likes, but its so interesting how a photograph can be technically correct, correct creative exposure, visually pleasing composition following the rule of thirds, skillfully post edited but I'll look at it and hate it, and the next person will absolutely love it. Sometimes the thing that makes a photograph good or not is each persons own opinion of it, and thats something I absolutely love about photography. My least favorite photo from the set above happened to be my husbands favorite. When I was showing him what I edited this evening, I skipped over my least favorite one pretty quickly, and he said wait wait wait go back to that one I love that one. And I was like, whaaaaaat??? And then when showing him my favorite he had no comment. Soooooo which one do you like best according to your own personal likes and dislikes? :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Longwood Gardens

My husband and I took a belated anniversary trip (belated by about 7 months haha) to longwood gardens. Its kind of special to us and it was super nice to get out. We've been meaning to go since we got gifted the tickets but we were trying to wait for some nicer weather. But of course I also had an alternate agenda... flowers+camera=good times had by all... or at least by me. Although my husband said he was also throughly entertained watching me take pictures like a mad person. He was my helpful assistant using the longwood map to shield me from the droplets falling from the recently watered hanging baskets above my camera while shooting :) So without further delay heres some of the shots I got..

Monday, March 14, 2011

Life through the viewfinder

Thats how I live now since I've discovered my new found love of photography. I look at everything as if I'm looking through my viewfinder. And especially now that warmer weather is FINALLY here and spring is coming I'm seriously itching to get outside and take pictures! Thats all I've been able to think about. So saturday my bestie and I went out driving just to see what we could see through our viewfinders. People looked at us as if we had two heads pulling over on the side of the road, but sometimes thats the cost of getting the shot you want haha. We finally ended up at a park as the sun was setting and the sun reflecting off the water made for some beautiful shots, we had a ball! It's so much fun to have a camera buddy :) I know I have soooooooo much more to learn but shes taught me so much and I appreciate so much her help and patience with me :) So heres some of what I captured...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It seems like I have a lot of time on my hands

Except I really don't at all in way shape or form! But with all the playing around I did tonight experimenting with actions and making textures you would think I did. My husband was entertained watching me taking pictures of crumpled up paper and whatever else I could find laying around but even he was very surprised with the results, and I'm very proud of myself! I made three textures which I creatively named rumpled paper, fleecy, and canvas threads (the creativity doesn't manifest itself in my naming abilities unfortunately) and here they are in that order:

I seriously had a blast playing around with them. Heres a sampling of a few other shots I was playing around with tonight. (and by a few I mean a bazillion)

Can you tell I don't know what I'm doing? Because I really don't haha. Its all just for fun. But ah yes now the possibilities are endless! Expect to see bazillions more texture/action edits for a while. And by the way all these lovely lovely lovely (three times for emphasis) actions were made by the talented Melissa Fogg. If you want to buy some for yourself (and I know you do, how could you not they're just so much fun!) you can visit her etsy shop at: www.etsy.com/shop/gmphotography Now I wonder what interesting things I can make into textures tomorrow. Hmmm....

Monday, February 28, 2011

9 years later...

I finally got around to putting the finishing touches on an altered frame I made. Only took a bazillion years since I promised that I would post it. I was inspired by Tim Holtz configurations of course. I really really really wanted to alter one of his framed boxes really bad one day so I decided to make my own with an old shoe box, glue gun, and paper. I only did a little measuring and eyeballed most of it (I'm an eyeballer, sometimes I'm just too darn lazy) annnnnnnnnd then got all crazy with the spices and ta da!!!!!

This was soooooo much fun to make. I was wandering around the house just looking for anything to glue on it. My husband was thoroughly entertained every time I came to him asking if I could have another piece of his hardware to glue on to this thing. I used a bazillion mediums I couldn't even think to list them all, I probably don't even remember them all. But all I know is it was sooo much fun to make! I also had the opportunity to do some good old fashioned scrapping over the weekend! It was the first time I made a 12x12 in a loooooong time and it felt so good! So of course I have to include pictures of that as well...

The flowers on there are hand made by meeeee! I'll be featuring them in my soon to come etsy shop!! (oh snap) So keep your eyes open for that. And to finsh off my post I will also include a few frames I got over the weekend.

I know this last one is nothing spectacular but I really really like it. Not sure why. I was just messing around with the mf so I know its not completely in focus but I really like the way the lights hitting his face and his expression. Its just cute :) and he doesn't let me photograph him much. He didn't know I was taking this...... I'm sneaky like that. But I am seriously loving learning more and more about my camera. I'm quite shutter happy! And just you all wait until I get my hands on some actions and textures! I have big plans I tell you big plans! I'm just trying to figure out how to explain to my husband why on earth I need them.... hmmmmm....