Monday, February 28, 2011

9 years later...

I finally got around to putting the finishing touches on an altered frame I made. Only took a bazillion years since I promised that I would post it. I was inspired by Tim Holtz configurations of course. I really really really wanted to alter one of his framed boxes really bad one day so I decided to make my own with an old shoe box, glue gun, and paper. I only did a little measuring and eyeballed most of it (I'm an eyeballer, sometimes I'm just too darn lazy) annnnnnnnnd then got all crazy with the spices and ta da!!!!!

This was soooooo much fun to make. I was wandering around the house just looking for anything to glue on it. My husband was thoroughly entertained every time I came to him asking if I could have another piece of his hardware to glue on to this thing. I used a bazillion mediums I couldn't even think to list them all, I probably don't even remember them all. But all I know is it was sooo much fun to make! I also had the opportunity to do some good old fashioned scrapping over the weekend! It was the first time I made a 12x12 in a loooooong time and it felt so good! So of course I have to include pictures of that as well...

The flowers on there are hand made by meeeee! I'll be featuring them in my soon to come etsy shop!! (oh snap) So keep your eyes open for that. And to finsh off my post I will also include a few frames I got over the weekend.

I know this last one is nothing spectacular but I really really like it. Not sure why. I was just messing around with the mf so I know its not completely in focus but I really like the way the lights hitting his face and his expression. Its just cute :) and he doesn't let me photograph him much. He didn't know I was taking this...... I'm sneaky like that. But I am seriously loving learning more and more about my camera. I'm quite shutter happy! And just you all wait until I get my hands on some actions and textures! I have big plans I tell you big plans! I'm just trying to figure out how to explain to my husband why on earth I need them.... hmmmmm....


  1. You can see the dust on my window on the rain drop picture. Thats going to drive me crazy! Time to clean the windows!

  2. youuu are soo awesomefull to meeeee can't u seeeee