Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paca Portraits

Believe it or not, I grew up on an alpaca farm... *crickets*  Yes its true. So after the not so surprise snow I asked my mom if I could take some paca portraits while I was over there, so maybe they could use them for their website if they wanted. I thought it would be really really good practice for me to try to take properly exposed photos in the snow and super harsh sunlight of moving alpaca targets. It was challenging! But it was a super good learning experience for me. I felt like I learned how to become one with the viewfinder haha. Yes I am crazy. The challenging thing about alpacas is they have to be RIGHT in your face the second you get out there. Although that just happens to be a specialty of my parents alpacas (they breed for disposistion among other things) so they're very friendly. But fortunately enough for me I love close ups! I love the detail you can capture in a photograph that otherwise remains unseen because we all lead such busy lives. It sort of just forces you to pause and look. So heres some of the shots I got (in case you were wondering what an alpaca was haha.) And if you love them so much you want to buy an alpaca of your very own (you know you want one kids! they're cuddly!) you can visit my parents website They have some package deals going on! Enjoy the pictures, I now have to go clean the alpaca nose prints off my lens.


  1. Perfect! Your parents should definately put them on their website. Way to go Branners!

  2. Haha yes they should. Whether they will or not remains to be seen.