Monday, February 7, 2011

This is a post I would like to call... "Bretail"

My very very very dear husband gave me the biggest awesomest most surprising surprise friday night. We were going to visit with our besties and we got out of the car and my husband opens the trunk and theres a gift bag in it. So I was slightly confused I was like what's that??? And he said it was for me. So I was like what am I supposed to do with this, should I open it inside??? So he was like go for it haha. So I slightly suspected what it was and was slightly freaking out.... perhaps more than slightly.... And I waited so very very patiently (so did my bestie, she suspected the same as I did) until he said the word and I tore it open and it was...... *drumroll*...... A canon rebel xs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So after the AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I had the best time playing around with it. I've been wanting it for quite a while and my husband decided to reward me for my patience. He's sweet like that :) So my bestie is showing me the ropes and I am loving it. Unfortunately life is CRAZY busy so I haven't had much time in between life to play with it much but heres a few shots I was able to catch.

These I took when we were messing around with perferated paper peelings. Yes this is what we do when we're alone. I posted them just because they're entertaining :) By the way the heart just happened to fall that way. And it has a mustache. Moving onnnnnnnnnnnnn....

My kitty smelling a grapefruit....

This one is my favorite. I'm reallllllllllly looking forward to getting outside soon to play with it! And I'm realllllllllllllllly really looking forward to scrapping some new pics :) Thanks for looking!


  1. bretaillllllll!!!!!!!!!!!
    who's the crazy person with the mis matched socks???!!

  2. You know I only socialize with crazy people that have mismatched socks... haha

  3. good for you giving them homeless people friends hahah

  4. hahahahahahahahahhaaaaaahhaaa.... ahem...