Thursday, October 28, 2010

Scraproom progress

Two rolls of painters tape, 1 can of super duper primer, and 1 1/2 cans of paint later HALF of my scraproom is painted. Fortunately its the important half :) So my very dear husband has started to assemble my desk for me. He's very handy like that. I'm sooo excited about being able to get things put away and actually do some scrapping in there! What a bizzare concept. So heres some pictures of the current state:

So as you can see its still a MESS haha. But at least progress has been made and I can finally start organizing and putting away some of my stuff. So the next item on the list is to hang my MM embellishment center which is going right above my desk on the purple wall. So I'm excited about that. See the little damask looking thing to the right of my chair? Its a little closet organizer I found at target for shoes. It was like $1 and I attached it to the underneath of my desk with velcro, so that its moveable, and I'm using it currently for punches and my heat embosser and Irock tool. Not bad for a dollar. I'll update again once its done, which hopefully will be soon!


  1. Looks cute!
    Love the colors of the walls! I'd paint my room with the same if i could =) Chair fits well too =))