Thursday, December 2, 2010

Very productive day

Today was very productive. I had my first photography lesson with my favorite professional photographer bff Melissa Fogg yay! She's my favorite out of all my professional photographer bff's haha. I'll post some fun pics from that later. Annnnnnnd after that I finally took some pictures of my latest project. I bought some book covers by 7 gypsies and just wanted to make something really unique that I could just put anything I wanted in it. So heres just a few pictures of the cover and inside the cover. I'll post more pics of the inside later.  I just have it bound with twine right now, although I may decide to change that later. Its nowhere near done, I plan on adding a lot more pages, but this is where its at currently.

For the inside cover, I glued on pp with zip dry and then I sanded the edges down really good and then inked the edges throughly with antique linen distress ink. One of my favorite colors. Yay! I'm realllllllly happy with the results! tfl!


  1. This book is wicked!!!!!!!!!! I want one!!!

  2. Haha do you want me to make you one??? The book covers are like a dollar.

  3. Annnnnd what were you doing being up at 12:32 AM missy!? I'm going to have to drive over there and drag you out of bed today aren't I...???